Botánika Osa Peninsula, Curio Collection by Hilton – A Model of Sustainable Real Estate Development

Costa Rica Real Estate and Botánika Osa Peninsula, Curio Collection by Hilton –  A model for responsible development and sustainable tourism.

18 years ago, the Williams family, owners and operators of Crocodile Bay Resort, converted 44 acres of barren pasture land, void of any vegetation whatsoever, to a family destination catering to elite anglers, and a sanctuary for wildlife that today embodies a variety of trees and foliage and fauna numbering in the tens of thousands…Out of nothing…a world class resort destination was born to support hundreds of jobs and families and to help the businesses in the adjoining village of Puerto Jimenez, on Costa Rica’s South Pacific Coast, to prosper and to grow.

At the same time; Crocodile Bay Resort contributed generously to a variety of worthy local causes…and has made significant strides in both conservation and education to ensure that the ecology on both land and sea, and that the
environment in the Osa Peninsula, remains pristine, free of pollution, and keeps the title of being the most environmentally responsible region on planet Earth. Yes…to say it mildly…Beau and Cory Williams have always been a good neighbor and overwhelmingly…the residents of Puerto Jimenez and the adjoining communities have been staunch supporters of Crocodile Bay Resort. And, as a good neighbor, that is respectful of the surroundings, Crocodile Bay Resort, through the efforts of Todd Staley, has been responsible and instrumental in a variety of environmental initiatives that have been recognized worldwide as well as by the highest office in the country…that of the President of Costa Rica. The environmental initiatives and accomplishments that will generate substantial and long lasting improvement to local fisheries and those sport fishermen who enjoy them include

  • Creating the “Marine Area of Responsible Fishing” in the Golfo Dulce; this is now the largest area of its kind in Central America. This was accomplished by only permitting selective arts of fishing.
  • Convincing a large group of net fishermen to adopt oyster farming as an alternative to indiscriminate method of net fishing. Moving tuna boats out 45 miles which in turn protected 44% of territorial waters from purse seiners
  • Teaching conservation to young people by creating children’s fishing tournament along the Pacific coast.
  • Stopping the exportation of sailfish
  • Lobbying to ensure that major supermarket chains remove billfish from their shelves
  • Lobbying the ICT to have sustainable certified hotels not serve certain species on the menu

In fact, Crocodile Bay Resort has been so instrumental in conservation efforts, that in appreciation for his good work, Todd was the recipient of the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) Sportsman of the Year award for 2015.

It is in this spirit that the Williams family has gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that Botánika Osa Peninsula, a Curio Collection by Hilton, and Crocodile Bay International Marina, would be setting a bench mark for sustainable and environmentally responsible design and operation …not just for The Osa Peninsula, not just for just Costa Rica…but setting a benchmark for sustainable and environmentally conscience initiatives for all of Central America.

At Botánika Osa Peninsula, a Curio Collection by Hilton, there is an appreciation for the fact that the coastline is always a very sensitive area to operate in…and for this reason, the Williams family will only entrust the design and construction of the new Crocodile Bay International Marina to the most reputable of firms that specialize in floating pontoons and break walls. At Crocodile Bay Marina, the technology that will be used to build the public full service marina is designed to contribute to perfect water quality within the marina walls.

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