In the heart of Puerto Jiménez, nestled amidst the lush beauty of Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, Botánika embraces the profound significance of community. In a small town like Puerto Jiménez, community isn’t just a concept—it’s a way of life. Here, every interaction, every endeavor, and every celebration are deeply intertwined with the fabric of local culture. As stewards of this vibrant ecosystem, we recognize the inherent value of connection, collaboration, and collective action through our shared commitment to environmental conservation, cultural preservation, and sustainable development. Botánika bridges the gap between visitors and locals, creating opportunities that enrich the spirit, strengthen bonds, and leave a lasting impact on both the land and its people.

We invite our community and guests to a beach cleanup at Puerto Jiménez and Carate Beach, partnering with several local companies to better our planet. Together, we'll restore these coastal gems, supporting Botánika’s ecosystem and ensuring safe passage for turtle hatchlings. Your involvement makes a real impact. Let's create lasting change for our community and inspire others to act for our environment's betterment.
Movie nights
Join us for Movie Nights every Wednesday at Botánika! Open to both the public and guests, our conference center transforms into a cozy cinema. Enjoy a selection of movies streamed from Netflix in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Don't miss out on this weekly cinematic experience!
Tree Planting
Join us in our annual tree planting project, where we come together to make a tangible impact on our environment and demonstrate our commitment to local stewardship. Together, we'll plant trees that not only beautify our surroundings but also play a vital role in preserving our ecosystem for generations to come. Come be a part of this meaningful endeavor and help us cultivate a greener, healthier future for our community.
Internship Program
In an effort to inspire the next generation of leaders, our local high school students shadow various departments within our hotel to gain firsthand insight into the roles and industries at Botánika. Through this program, everyone learns about our operations and the diverse array of tasks we undertake. This serves as a platform for talent identification and gives the local community new, exciting opportunities. Join us in nurturing the next generation of hospitality professionals while showcasing the inner workings of Botánika.
Community Workshops
As a way of giving back and empowering the community, our hotel staff visits local schools to provide invaluable insights into resume writing, the hiring process, and essential professional skills such as dressing appropriately for interviews. Through these workshops, participants gain a deeper understanding of the inner workings of Botánika and the breadth of our operations. This is how we empower the next generation of professionals while showcasing the ethos of Botánika.