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Owning Real Estate in Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica – Welcome  to “Our Little Village”

Knowing your future neighborhood, and what it has to offer, is always important when considering a vacation home on the Osa Peninsula on Costa Rica’s South Pacific coast; and Botánika Osa Peninsula, Curio Collection by Hilton is fortunate to be located adjacent to the largest town on the Osa. And even though there are only a couple of thousand inhabitants, this little village called Puerto Jimenez carries a big punch.

Watch the following video “Our Little Village” to learn more about the charming Seaside Village of Puerto Jimenez

Whether you plan to visit on an eco-adventure vacation…or to experience some of the best sport fishing in the world, this unique environment has so much to offer! This little village is sure to charm you.

When you are not fishing, or participating in an eco-adventure tour, you will find that the surrounding area offers a cultural experience that will ground you while at the same time demonstrate that there is a lot to do when you visit Crocodile Bay Resort, the future site of Botánika; and best of all…it is within a safe walking distance of the resort. Whether you plan to visit us on an eco-adventure vacation…or to experience some of the best sport fishing in the world, this unique environment has so much to offer!

Including several modern day grocery stores where you will find a great selection of everything from soup to nuts; a large selection of spirits and even champagne…for those special evenings or occasions.

Souvenir stores which are filled with treasures, and fresh fruit and vegetable stores where you can find an incredible array of everything that is good and healthy for you. You will even find some of the best homemade ice cream…ever!

If you are not feeling well; there are 2 pharmacies in Puerto Jimenez…and also 2 national banks. The pharmacies are well stocked and the pharmacist are actually qualified doctors.

If I told you what it costs to buy fresh fish…well…you wouldn’t believe me. And the time it takes for the fish to travel from the ocean to your plate is measured in hours…not in days. It is so easy to keep healthy here!

Most of the chicken that you will buy is free range chicken …wait until you taste the difference…really…you will be amazed; and move over Chicago…we also have some of the best Pizza anywhere…right here in our little village.

If you are hungry or care for a drink, you have no worries; we have many restaurants, cafes, and bistros along the waterfront and in town.

For those of you who dream of living a simpler existence free of the stresses and anxieties that plague most modern cities today…this is your opportunity to register and learn about the private branded hotel residences at Botánika Osa Peninsula, Curio Collection by Hilton in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula.

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