Five Luxurious Latin American Resorts And Hotels To Visit In 2021

Published on February 25, 2021, in Forbes. An article by Jared Ranahan -Contributor Travel.
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As the slow rollout of vaccines continues across the globe, the concept of international travel in late 2021 is beginning to seem more like reality than a far-off fantasy. While there’s no shortage of fascinating nations to visit once travel is safe again, Latin America is packed full of enticing destinations perfectly fit for your first trip since 2019. Whether you’re planning to sunbathe on the Caribbean coast, spot rare native species on a jungle expedition, or explore some of the largest cities that South America has to offer, the following properties are the ideal bases for a truly unforgettable trip.

Botánika Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

A tall building with open-air decks surrounded by trees
The Osa Peninsula is home to a wide array of native animals, ranging from the giant anteater to the … [+] AQUA-ASTON HOSPITALITY

Nature lovers, mark your calendars—this idyllic resort is set to arrive in fall 2021, providing visitors with an intimate introduction to Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, a lush region renowned worldwide for its high degree of biodiversity. While the property offers a wide array of activities for outdoor enthusiasts, ranging from mangrove kayaking excursions to jungle explorations in search of rare primates, it’s also optimal for relaxation. After a long day of hiking or deep sea fishing, guests are welcome to unwind at the resort’s lagoon-style pool with a cocktail in hand, or keep an eye out for native Central American avian life at the property’s hummingbird garden.