Team Botánika Secures 2nd Place in Costa Rica’s National Beach Volleyball Games!

In an exhilarating sporting event that celebrated beach volleyball prowess and passion, Team Hotel Botánika-Asovopla, composed of Andrey Quintero Montero and Boris Duarte Ruiz, achieved a remarkable second place in Costa Rica's 2023 National Beach Volleyball Games. These players bring a wealth of experience from both indoor and beach volleyball in Costa Rica, and their performance has shone in both national and international competitions.

An Impressive Journey with Ups and Downs
Andrey Quintero Montero and Boris Duarte Ruiz are two athletes who have proven themselves in the world of volleyball. With a track record of successes, this determined duo has been chasing their dreams and goals relentlessly. Their journey in the 2023 National Beach Championship was a rollercoaster of highs and lows:

First Round: First Place
Second Round: Second Place
Third Round: First Place
Fourth Round: Fourth Place
Fifth Round: Third Place
Sixth Round: Third Place

Their remarkable performance in the first and third rounds demonstrated their dominance, securing first-place finishes. However, as the competition progressed, they faced tougher challenges, finishing fourth in the fourth round and third in the fifth and sixth rounds. Despite the hurdles, their overall performance solidified their status as one of the top pairs in Costa Rican beach volleyball this year.

Roots and Regional Pride
The duo's background represents the diversity of Costa Rica. Andrey Quintero Montero comes from the newly established Puerto Jiménez Canton, while Boris Duarte Ruiz is a native of Ciudad Cortez. In their own words, they expressed deep pride in representing their communities.

"It's an honor for us to come and participate in the national championship and represent our towns, which are located in a fairly remote area and sometimes have very little participation in these events. We are very proud to represent our Southern Zone," they stated.

Gratitude towards Botánika
The players also extended their gratitude to Botánika Resort for its invaluable support. They acknowledged that this company not only backs beach volleyball but also supports other athletes in the Puerto Jiménez area. They hope that private companies in their region will follow this important example and support youth development in sports.

Contributions to Beach Volleyball Development
Emphasizing the significant work accomplished with this beach volleyball project, it has been established as one of the top contenders both in collegiate competitions and national sporting events. The development of this discipline owes 75% of its success to the courts of the Technical Professional College of Puerto Jiménez and the stunning beach locations. Among these contributions, we must mention the extensive experience of both a National and International player, Angel Williams.

Angel Williams: Making History
Angel Williams, a prominent figure in the promotion of beach volleyball in the region, has once again secured a spot in the Beach Volleyball World Championships this year. This marks the first time in Costa Rican history that a single beach volleyball athlete has qualified twice for this prestigious event.

Angel's dedication to the sport and her outstanding performance have made her a trailblazer in Costa Rican beach volleyball. Her historic qualification serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes and underscores the growth of beach volleyball as a competitive discipline in the country.

Lic. Alexandra Toruño Piedra: A Driving Force Behind Success
Behind the scenes, the success of Team Botánika and the growth of beach volleyball in Puerto Jiménez owe much to the efforts of Lic. Alexandra Toruño Piedra. She has been an integral connection to Botánika Resort, formerly known as Crocodile Bay, for nearly two decades. Her dedication and coaching skills have helped nurture local talent and contributed to the rise of beach volleyball in the region.

Today, Lic. Alexandra Toruño Piedra serves as a sports team community organizer and her tireless efforts in promoting sports and community engagement have been invaluable to the success of athletes like Andrey Quintero Montero and Boris Duarte Ruiz.

Congratulations to Andrey Quintero Montero, Boris Duarte Ruiz, and Angel Williams for their outstanding achievements, and special recognition to Lic. Alexandra Toruño Piedra for her instrumental role in the success of the sports community.