Opening of CAHUI Beach Club

The time has come to share the big news! Our guests and clients can now enjoy a new place to unwind, our very own CAHUI Beach Club. It is located on one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica: Playa Preciosa. CAHUI in the native Costa Rican language Boricua means to be alive, to exist, to stay. Our beach club was made with the same intention: to allow you to leave all worries behind and create a space to simply exist and appreciate the beauty of the present moment. Our beach club offers the luxury of being surrounded by the raw nature of the Osa Peninsula while enjoying our hotel amenities. Getting to CAHUI is half the fun of taking our 5-minute boat shuttle from our private pier. Once arrived you are greeted with cozy lounge areas located right in front of the sea which overlook the whole bay. If you are lucky you might get a glimpse of a dolphin family or a humpback whale passing by. When you feel like it you can come inside and order one of our deliciously refreshing cocktails or flavorful dishes this region is renowned for.