Crocodile Bay Sport Fishing Educational Cooperative

At Botánika Osa Peninsula, we are proud to introduce the Crocodile Bay Sport Fishing Educational Cooperative, a unique initiative spearheaded by our esteemed Fishing Director, Diego Camacho. Now in its second year, this program exemplifies our commitment to giving back to the community and promoting responsible fishing practices.

Our Mission: The primary goal of the Crocodile Bay Sport Fishing Educational Cooperative is to educate the community on sustainable and responsible fishing techniques. This initiative is more than just a learning opportunity; it is a stepping stone for forming new fishing mates who can utilize these valuable skills both within and outside our organization.

Community Involvement: We are thrilled to collaborate with FECOP (the Federation of Costa Rican Fishing) and INA (Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje, national learning institute) to further our mission. Notably, INA has recognized the impact of our program and is working towards integrating it into their sport fishing curriculum.

One of the most exciting developments is the creation of the Women's Nautical School (Escuela Nautica Feminina) in Guanacaste, inspired by the program Diego developed. Diego was invited to share his expertise with the women enrolled in this groundbreaking program, highlighting the far-reaching influence of our initiative.

Program Structure: The educational cooperative spans 12 comprehensive classes over six weeks, blending theoretical knowledge with practical application. Participants undergo rigorous testing to ensure they grasp essential concepts before putting them into practice. From preparing offshore rods to understanding the intricacies of fishing vocabulary, customer service, and mate responsibilities, the curriculum is designed to produce well-rounded, competent fishing professionals.

Out of the 25 participants, the top 8 to 10 will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills on the boat, cementing their learning with hands-on experience.

Join Us: At Botánika, we believe in the power of education and community. The Crocodile Bay Sport Fishing Educational Cooperative is a testament to our dedication to fostering responsible fishing practices and nurturing the next generation of fishing experts. Join us in supporting this vital initiative and experience the difference it makes, both on the water and within our community.