Botánika in the finale of Tiki League Costa Rica 2023

Botánika’s very own mixologist, Johan Solano, was a finalist in the 2023 Tiki League Costa Rica cocktail challenge. The Tiki League is part of the Latin American Cocktail Championship, organized by Carlos the TikiMan. Each mixologist submitted a video of an original cocktail recipe and its final presentation. Out of 88 participants from 21 different countries, Johan was one of 13 mixologists who made it to the final round.

His cocktail, “The Faithful Warrior,” is a whiskey-forward cocktail that includes Monkey Shoulder, grilled and smoke pineapple, cayenne chile, angostura, lime, orange juice, agave, and passionfruit puree. Each ingredient represents a virtue that is helpful throughout life, such as courage, tranquility, and love. Staying true to its name, the cocktail is presented in a glass and on a stand that looks like a tiki warrior.

Kristyna Markovicova, the resort’s marketing designer, filmed and edited Johan’s video submission. The two went to the finalist event in San Jose, Costa Rica to represent Botánika. Although Johan did not take first place, the team is incredibly proud of his accomplishments! The resort team would like to thank the sponsors such as American Beverage Marketers (AMB), who together with Carlos the Tiki Man, helped make this possible for Johan and who continue to motivate thousands of mixologists globally to be creative and continue innovating and developing their craft.

Did you know? Tiki culture began in California in the 1930s and later spread around the world. It was inspired by the sentimental appeal of an idealized South Pacific, particularly Polynesia. This was portrayed and made popular through American art, music, and entertainment. Influential cultures include Australia, Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia, the Caribbean Islands, and Hawaii. The name comes from Tiki, the Maori name for the first man. While the decor and atmosphere of these establishments draw heavily on Polynesian influences, the cocktails are inspired by tropical drinks and ingredients from the Caribbean.