The Benefits of Owning a Lock-off Hotel Residence

This video presentation explains the flexibility that a lock-off condominium hotel residence represents; the benefits are many.
Learn how your vacation home can be used three different ways. 

What is a lock-off hotel residence and what are the benefits that this type of hotel suite offers?

Let’s begin with what a lock-off is: A lock-off is simply the combination of a studio residence adjacent to a one bedroom or two bedroom suite with an adjoining door; typically the sleeping capacity is up to 10 adults.

In the design of the floor plan below, you will find a common foyer which enables the hotelier to make this hotel suite available to guests separately as a studio, or a two bedroom unit, or combined together as an executive three bedroom residence; as you can imagine, this type of flexibility is invaluable because it allows the residence to be used in three different ways.

Image above: Two Bedroom Lock-Off

By the same token a two bedroom lock-off is simply a studio adjacent to a one bedroom suite. In both the two bedroom and three bedroom lock-off examples, owners of these suites, have the convenience of a full kitchen and dining area, a comfortable living room, an outdoor terrace area, and multiple bathrooms.

Image above: Three Bedroom Lock-Off