May to November – Amphibian High Season

With the arrival of the Green Season here on The Osa, amphibian bodies begin to morph in their watery ways, they’ll slither out of cracks in the muddy earth and begin their annual migration to the nearest water or pond.

Most amphibians can not fully exist on land for their complete life cycle. Therefore, all species of amphibians go through a stage in their life known as metamorphosis. Metamorphosis is a biological process in which an animal will completely change its body structure. Usually with metamorphosis, the animal encounters a change in its behavior as well as its habitat.

The number of known amphibian species is approximately 7,000, of which nearly 90% are frogs.
The three modern orders of amphibians are Anura (the frogs and toads), Urodela (the salamanders), and Apoda (the caecilians).

Some of the most colourful of our frogs here are:

Poison Dart Frog
Glass Frog
Red-eye Tree Frog

But there are many many more species to find. There are night tours here at Crocodile Bay Resort where you can see frogs that you can’t see in the day and our guides can provide lots of information about them. And the sounds of the different species all singing together is magical.