Counting Animal Species – BioBlitz at Botánika

On the 11th of January Botanika held a very special event. In collaboration with a local non-profit organization COPROT Tortugas de Osa, it organized its first-ever participatory activity of scientific research - BioBlitz. A bioblitz is a communal effort to record as many species within a designated location and time period as possible. Using the iNaturalist app and the help of our guides and nature specialists from COPROT, our guests as well as students invited from local institutions were challenged to identify as many animal species living on the grounds of our resort as possible. Not only has this experience generated valuable information for the iNaturalist database but it also gave everyone a chance to connect with other nature enthusiasts and educate themselves on the importance of caring for the environment that surrounds us.

COPROT Tortugas de Osa was first founded in August 2018 by Laura Exley and Katya Barrantes, with the aim to develop a long-lasting sea turtle conservation project that supports local people and educates future generations on the importance of protecting our natural resources. We are grateful for this encounter and hope to have many more collaborations like this in the future!