Costa Rica Real Estate and Botánika Osa Peninsula, Curio Collection by Hilton –  A model for responsible development and sustainable tourism. 18 years ago, the Williams family, owners and operators of Crocodile Bay Resort, converted 44 acres of barren pasture land, void of any vegetation whatsoever, to a family destination catering to elite anglers, and […]

Costa Rica Real Estate – Scarcity, Capital Appreciation and Being a Pioneer in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula Costa Rica Real Estate – Scarcity, Capital Appreciation, and Being a Pioneer at the only professionally managed branded residential resort and marina development in Costa Rica. Scarcity is an important component in establishing value as well as the […]

Owning Real Estate on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula Branded hotel residences have become the smartest way to own real estate anywhere in the world; and over the course of the past decade sales of hotel branded residences have increased 10 fold! This article explains why owning a real estate at Botánika Osa Peninsula is a […]