Real estate is always about location and Botánika Osa Peninsula, Curio Collection by Hilton just happens to be located in one of the most mystical places on our planet. It is right here at your doorstep that you can witness one of only four natural tropical fiords in the world along with the Golfo Dulce, […]

Costa Rica Ranks #1 For the World’s Best Birding Destination! From penguins to puffins, Birds-of-Paradise to condors, the world of birds is full of colour and spectacle. Here are the top spots on Planet Earth for birdwatchers 1: Costa Rica Collarded Aracari in Costa Rica (Dreamstime) Costa Rica is famous with birdwatchers as a place […]

Costa Rica Real Estate – Scarcity, Capital Appreciation and Being a Pioneer in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula Costa Rica Real Estate – Scarcity, Capital Appreciation, and Being a Pioneer at the only professionally managed branded residential resort and marina development in Costa Rica. Scarcity is an important component in establishing value as well as the […]