Botánika is proud to have partnered with GORUCK makers of the highest-quality rucksacks, clothing, and fitness gear on the planet. GORUCK is an American brand and family-run company with deep roots in the military and Special Forces communities. GORUCK was founded by husband-and-wife team Jason and Emily McCarthy, who along with their three children are frequent guests of Botánika.
GORUCK and Botánika share the same values when it comes to fitness, exploration, community, family, and especially fun. By joining forces Botánika is now able to offer a complete line of GORUCK rucks, sandbags, and sand kettlebell training gear in Botánika’s Jungle Gym Fitness Center.
Botánika guests will also be able to use loaner gear for use in the privacy of their suites, or anywhere outside in the fresh air. Guests will have access to GORUCK rucksacks (backpacks) and weight plates that they can use while walking the resort nature trails or when joining our very own Rainforest Ruck Club for early morning rucks (walks) ranging from 3 to 8 miles over 1-3 hours and with varying levels of difficulty (you can follow them on Instagram at Rainforest_Ruck_ClubCR).
Botánika is offering two complimentary high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes per week at the Jungle Gym for guests using GORUCK gear. Guests of all fitness levels can join our staff for an hour of sweaty, feel-good pain.
Soon Botánika will also have GORUCK rucks in every room at Botánika for complimentary use so guests can more easily explore the outdoors, ruck into town, to the beach, or to the pool.
GORUCK will be hosting a group trip to Botánika in January hosted by acclaimed author and thought leader Michael Easter The Comfort Crisis. Michael will be leading a “Misogi” adventure that promises not to kill you, but to make you stronger instead. Those looking for an advanced, double black diamond level fitness challenge can find more information here.