Looking for the perfect location to retire, purchase real estate or own a vacation home? Costa Rica Rated #1 …Again!   10. Peru—Low-Cost Living, Vibrant, and Diverse By Steve LePoidevin, IL Peru Correspondent A climate to suit every taste…1,500 miles of coastline stretching from Ecuador to Chile…centuries-old Spanish colonial cities…hundreds of archaeological sites to explore….and towering […]

Costa Rica Real Estate – Scarcity, Capital Appreciation and Being a Pioneer in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula Costa Rica Real Estate – Scarcity, Capital Appreciation, and Being a Pioneer at the only professionally managed branded residential resort and marina development in Costa Rica. Scarcity is an important component in establishing value as well as the […]

Real Estate in Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica: Working with a management program that takes care of every aspect of home ownership. Just imagine…owning a hotel residence with a management program that takes care of every aspect of home ownership…and even helps you literally pay the bills!  This is an excellent way to own real estate […]

Owning Real Estate on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula Branded hotel residences have become the smartest way to own real estate anywhere in the world; and over the course of the past decade sales of hotel branded residences have increased 10 fold! This article explains why owning a real estate at Botánika Osa Peninsula is a […]

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The Benefits of Owning a Hotel Residence Lock-Off Own a Curio Collection by Hilton Rainforest Residence at Botanika This video explains the benefits of owning a hotel residence with lock-off at Botanika Osa Peninsula

What is a Branded Hotel Residence and Why is it the Smartest Way to Own Real Estate? A branded hotel residence is simply a residential home that is “branded” by a hotelier with a global reach and reputation and located within a hotel or resort development.   Owners of this kind of real estate in Costa […]