With the arrival of the Green Season here on The Osa, amphibian bodies begin to morph in their watery ways, they’ll slither out of cracks in the muddy earth and begin their annual migration to the nearest water or pond. Most amphibians can not fully exist on land for their complete life cycle. Therefore, all […]

Sea turtles are commonly seen year around in the waters of our Golfo Dulce (“sweet gulf”). However, the main nesting season on the peninsula is from June until December. We have 4 species that nest on our beaches: olive ridleys, green turtles, hawksbill turtles, and leatherbacks. Olive ridley turtles are the most common species found […]

The majestic whale shark is actually not a whale; it is the world’s largest fish and they can grow up to 60 feet long. The Golfo Dulce (“sweet gulf”) of the Osa Peninsula is one of their mating grounds. They travel through the gulf every year and feed on our plankton rich waters. Especially during […]

Dry season is bird nesting season. Especially in March many birds are nesting and new chicks are being born. It’s an excellent time to go birding around the Osa Peninsula. Even right on Botánika’s property you can find many different bird species that live here year-around or migrate through. Below is an example of a […]